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Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal using DPC technology Dynamic Pulse Control™ (DPC) is a proprietary light-based technology used for permanent reduction of unwanted hair. One of its clearest advantages is that it has a shorter treatment period compared to traditional IPLs. Dynamic Pulse Control™ (DPC) technology is a powerful light-based technology that effectively targets the hair follicle without harming any other parts of the skin. During the treatment, the heat energy denaturizes the melanin in the hair follicle, and as a result, that follicle cannot grow new hair.



Microblading, also known as brow feathering or eyebrow embroidery, is the delicate process of hand drawing small tattoo strokes to mimic natural hair. We achieve your desired look by implanting pigment beneath the surface of the skin using a tiny, sterile, single-use, disposable needle. Beauty Box artists create beautiful, semi-permanent brow tattoos using this method.

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Body Contouring

Our body contouring treatments use multi-polar Radio Frequency Technology. During the treatment, RF pulses are emitted onto the treatment area. The current targets the subcutaneous fat cells causing them to shrink in size. Simultaneously, the heat causes the collagen fibres to contract resulting in immediate skin tightening. By undergoing several treatments, the body produces long-term skin tightening results.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation using DPC technology Dynamic Pulse Control™ (DPC) is a proprietary light-based technology that delivers outstanding skin rejuvenation results from wrinkle reduction, to improving skin tone and texture. Treatment is completely non-invasive, fast and painless.

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Facial Contouring

SharpLight’s treatments enable you to easily achieve natural looking facial contouring results. The treatment uses two proven technologies, that remove unwanted fat deposits, restoring your face to its original shape.


Lash Lift and Tint

One of the simplest ways to change your look is with a lash lift and tint. After the quick, painless, and affordable treatment, your eyes will look instantly brighter and more open, making you seem more youthful and awake. This treatment beats out the longest-lasting mascara and ensures effortless beauty.

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